Subjects discussed included:  How I eat, Avocado oil, Dairy Sensitivity, Protein Restriction, Problems with Plant Foods and The difference Between Pleasure and Happiness and It’s Relationship to Addictions.  

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00:00:  Introduction, my background and goals.

02:47:  How I eat.

04:11:  Question – What is my opinion of olive oil?  It’s one of the best plant oils but animal oils are better because they contain more bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids because our bodies can only convert 10% or less of the plant omega-3’s we eat to a usable form.  Here’s the study showing that. Here is my post on Animal fats versus Plant fats.  

07:17:  Question – How does someone with a dairy sensitivity add fat to their diet?

10:31:  Aged Cheese high in Vitamin K2 and bioavailable Calcium article.

14:27 How I get enough fat.

18:47:  Question – How much protein should I eat?

24:25:  I discuss how I make Tartar Sauce with butter, eggs, salt and dill pickle relish with an imersion blender.

26:03:  Question – How do I calculate my maximum recommended protein level and is there a downside to eating plant foods?

30:06:  Promised link to Dr. Georgia Ede’s Lecture on the dangers of eating plant foods called “Little Shop of Horrors”.  

33:21:  Last Question – How to Transfer from a Vegan diet to Zero Carb?

34:20:  My post on why I think that a high fiber diet raises the risk of autoimmune diseases.  

35:00:  I discuss how a phobia of fat can cause symptoms that people attribute to fat when it is really due to the stress caused by eating something they are afraid of.  My post on MindBody Disorders like that.

40:00:  I summarize this Video Interview with Dr. Robert Lustig who discusses his new book “The Hacking of the American Mind” in which he gives his opinion on how the processed food industry has used advertising propaganda to addict the American population to sugar.

46:09:  Link to an interview with Dr. Richard Gevirtz on how he uses resonant breathing determined by monitoring to lower stress and heal many mindbody disorders.

48:26:  According to the Wikipedia article on Tryptophan Eggs, fish, cheese, pork, turkey, chicken, beef and lamb are all rich sources of tryptophan and in the top 10 riches sources in grams of tryptophan per 100 grams of food.







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