Conference Call with the Doc

There is a service called which allows up to 1000 people to join in a Conference call with no charge.  I have been interviewed on it and found it worked quite well.  I am thinking of holding 1-2 calls a month where I answer question live and questions sent by email or Facebook Messenger before or during the call.  I will record the call and publish it afterward for people who are unable to attend live.  The email address will be and here is a link to my Facebook page if you prefer instant messenger.  I welcome feedback on times and days of the week.  I am going to do a trial Tuesday Evening September 19th  starting at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific) for the first call but I am very open to other suggestions for subsequent calls.  I’m looking forward to discussing health and nutrition subjects with all of you, Paul Mabry, the Zero Carb Doc.

The Call In Number is (319) 527-3262

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