I’m looking forward to being the guest on Heidi Howe’s conference call tomorrow, Monday, March 6th at 8PM. All you’ll need to do is call into (712) 451-0508, access code 990282# at 8 pm EST.

Heidi is a Zero Carb Facebook, Youtube and Conference call blogger.  She has found the benefits of eating low carb but realized as I did that addictions, compulsions and stress eating can make it so very difficult to eat a healthy diet.  This is one of the main reasons that my personal way of eating is Zero Carb because I had trouble eating reasonable portions of “safe carbs” like spaghetti squash, almond flour/flax seed pizza crusts, heavy cream (1 gram carb/ounce) tomatoes and onions.  When you’re extremely insulin resistant as I was you really can’t tolerate more than 20 grams of carbohydrate per day and reach your goal weight.  Zero Carb eliminates the problem of craving these very palatable foods.  It’s really difficult to eat too many fatty beef ribs.

Here is a link to Heidi’s Facebook Group.  

Here is a link to Heidi’s YouTube Channel.  

My apologies for the short notice, I’m afraid I have no excuse except being disorganized.  Your very human blogger, Paul

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