Conference Call #2 Supplements, Bowel issues, Does Zero Carb Damage the Liver or Kidneys, Adding Fat, Processed Meats/Nitrates

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Show Notes:

00:55   Are diarrhea and leg cramps a common side effect of eating a Zero Carb diet?  Also Magnesium, Sodium, Vitamin D and other supplements are discussed.

11:49   Can Zero Carb damage the liver or kidneys?

25:16   Recommended Movie:  “The Perfect Diet”

27:23   Information Dr. Weston Price and his work at THIS LINK

28:06   Question on constipation while eating a Zero Carb Diet.

33:36   How to add fat to a person’s diet

33:44   How I cook beef ribs

35:10   Recommended book “Catching Fire, How Cooking Made Us Humans” by Richard Wrangham

38:25   Ecotherapy, picture of me camping in White Sands National Monument last month.  

41:02   Processed meat and nitrates.

46:05  Cooking Beef Tongue

51:19   Article showing Magnesium may be best absorbed through the skin

Thanks for listening – The Zero Carb Doc

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